Program Overview


Holiday Skills Clinic – all around skill development focusing on skating, shooting, passing and receiving, stickhandling, angling (body contact for Group B), puck positioning and more. 


Checking Clinic - Contact confidence Drills, Learn How to take a check, Learn How to give a Check, Learn How to avoid a Check, When to Pressure or Contain Check, Stick Checks, Lateral Skating Agility, Defensive or Net-side Positioning;Shoulder Checks, Body Blocks, Pin Checks and Roll Checks, Steering & Angling Techinques, Checking Tactics, How to play in-front of the net, Backchecking and forechecking techniques, Shot blocking and much more.


Ricci 3v3 Summer Youth Hockey League - Develop your skills with more skating, passing, puck touches, and time and space to enhance decision making.


Stickhandling Clinic - Stickhandling Beyond Belief. Never before has there ever been such a comprehensive clinic with Russian, European, Canadian and American stickhandling techniques and moves. This clinic will cover all of the skills to help your ability to handle the puck in all areas/situations on the ice. Players will receive 10-15 hours each week of on ice instruction with the absolute best instruction around. Over 150 agility techniques, 35 moves, fakes or dekes and 100 on-ice drills. Plus much more!!! We can't wait to see you at the rink!


Powerskating by the Best with Mark Ciaccio - Mark is the skating coach for the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes. This clinic will focus on all aspects of skating which is the most important skill for ice hockey. Mark will teach you how to become a better skater forwards, backwards, laterally and transitionally. You will be taught the proper techniques and posture for effective skating. The area that will help you gain a competitive edge is the ability to start quickly and progress into nice, long and efficient strides. Mark will teach and demonstrate all of his secrets. This clinic is a MUST!


Skate Into Shape - The focus is to get your player ready for tryouts. We work on all aspects of the game to get your body, mind and physical skills ready for tryouts. Players will skate...skate...and skate more. Our goal is to get your legs under you so when you attend tryouts you can give a 100% effort. Players want to be challenged and pushed. We do that for 75 solid minutes each session. Don't miss out!!!